SHUMUKH $2 Million Dollar Perfume In Dubai

SHUMUKH $2 Million Dollar PERFUME

The fragrance is named as “SHUMUKH”, which is made in France as well as was sold in Dubai (UAE). It is the very first from another location regulated perfume with the packing of 1.9 meters high. It needs 2 individuals to unpack the lavish perfume. Besides, the brochure of perfume was made with gold, diamonds, topaz and also the paper of the catalogue was of gold. The fragrance was generated by the company “the Spirit of Dubai Parfums by Nabeel”.

$2 Million Dollar perfume Shumukh, which in Arabic mean “deserving the highest possible”, is a package with 3,500 plus gleaming rubies, a number of pearls, 18 karat gold more than 2479 grams and around 5892 grams pure silver. For that reason getting 2 million bucks of fragrance entirely worth it.

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