America Recent Racism Leads to Curfew White House Under Attack

The dreadful videotaped death of George Floyd last Monday at the hands of police in Minneapolis has ignited the countrywide wave of outrage over law enforcement’s repeated utilization of lethal force against unarmed African Americans.

Floyd had stopped breathing after Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis police officer, had knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes. As a result of this assault, Chauvin has now been charged with third-degree murder. He has now been asked to make his first appearance in court on Monday. Three other officers with Floyd have also been fired but they now face no charges.

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George Floyd’s Death Creates Mayhem in USA

All of Minnesota’s National Guard troops have been mobilized by Governor Tim Walz for restoring order. This is regarded as Minnesota’s biggest mobilization. Police used stun grenades and tear gas for clearing streets of curfew violators on Saturday night in Minneapolis. Walz has also extended a curfew for a third night Sunday. It has also praised police and guardsmen for holding down violence. Walz stated: “They did so in a professional manner. They did so without a single loss of life and minimal property damage.”

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The U.S. Department of Defense said that nearly 5,000 National Guard troops were mobilized in 15 states and also Washington, with more than 2,000 on standby. The widespread resort to uniformed National Guards units has been rare. It has also evoked disturbing memories for rioting in US cities in 1967 and 1968 in this protest time over economic and racial disparities.

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Donald Trump Blames Antifa For Riots And Violence

President Trump has blamed the extreme left for the violence. He said that he had planned to designate a group known as Antifa as a terrorist organization. Attorney Bill Barr also said that U.S. will take strict measures against Antifa. He said that the violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly.

Over the past few days, there have been many confrontations between protestors and police as well as several outbreaks of looting. Violent clashes have repeatedly erupted in a small park next to the White House. Policemen used pepper spray, tear gas and flash bang grenades for the purpose of dispersing crowds that had lit several large fires and damaged property.

Local US leaders have also appealed to their fellow citizens for providing constructive outlet to their rage regarding the brutal killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, while night-time curfews have also been imposed in different cities including Washington, Los Angeles and Houston. One closely watched protest had been outside the state capitol in Minneapolis’ twin city of St Paul, where nearly several thousand individuals had gathered before marching down a highway.

There have been large-scale protests across other cities of USA including New York and Miami. To curb this issue, the mayor of Washington has ordered a curfew from 11:00 pm until 6:00 am. A report in the New York Times stated that President Trump has been rushed by Secret service agents into an underground bunker at the White House on Friday night in the earlier protests.

Looters Plunder Stores

Floyd’s death has resulted in large-scale violence across USA. It has literally devastated many cities across the US as looters plundered stores in a neighborhood of Philadelphia on Sunday. Another looting incident was reported across a Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica in a popular beachside shopping center. As a result of this, officials in LA imposed a curfew from 4:00 pm Sunday until dawn.

In an interview to CNN, LA’s mayor Eric Garcetti said: “Please, use your discretion and go early, go home, stay home and help us make sure that those who want to change this conversation from being about racial justice to be about burning things and looting things, don’t win the day.”

Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, stated Trump is not taking any measures to resolve this matter. She said: “We are beyond a tipping point in this country, and his rhetoric only enflames that.” Trump’s democratic opponent in November’s presidential election, Joe Biden, visited the scene of one anti-racism protest. Expressing his misery over this incident, Biden tweeted: “We are a nation in pain right now, but we must not allow this pain to destroy us.”

Manufactured Leather Exports Of Pakistan Increase by More Than 10%!

leather exports Pakistan

The manufactured leather exports of Pakistan for the first quarter of 2019 has grown by a decent percentage of 10.41 as compared to the percentage of exports of the previous year.

The Improvement In Exports For Leather:

It appears that from the period of July 2019 to September 2019, leather products of $131,407 million have been exported. All the while, for the previous year during the same period, the exports were $119,018. Further reports and statistics given by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics have mentioned that the export related to leather garments has seen an increase of 11.48%. Apparently, it seems that leather garments that are worth $75,107 were exported while the number was $67,375 for the previous year.

Adding more to the statistics, it appears that other goods valuing $2,631 million have been exported as compared to $2,501 million of exports of the previous year. Furthermore, the increase in exports for leather gloves has also been impressive and worth noting. The 1,438 TH.DOZ of leather gloves valued at $53,669 million were exported for the financial year of 2019. While the exports were 1,287 TH.DOZ of leather gloves worth $49,142 million within the same period of the previous year.

This isn’t only a simple increase as it shows that a boost in exports could potentially affect the Pakistani economy. The Pakistani government has put itself to work for striving for a change. It has been utilizing loans from different sources and countries. Moreover, Pak-China relations have been better than ever under the rule of Prime Minister Imran Khan. This is necessary because China diligently provides Pakistan assistance for the development of key areas. And it invests in the country which ensures that the economic growth stays stable. The government has been retaining their focus on the areas that are in dire need of help. All of this includes agricultural improvement, poverty reduction, trade increase, and obviously greater exports.

How Eid-Ul-Adha Affected Leather Exports:

However, during Eid-ul-Adha of this year fewer animals were sacrificed which seriously affected Pakistan’s leather exports. The Pakistan Tanners Association mentioned that the exports had been terrible because 10% less animals were sacrificed this year as compared to last year. Considering that there were fewer hides to pass off to the tanneries, the exports saw a decrease. The main reason for it was considered to be the expensive prices for animals and the lack of demand for leather abroad. However, luckily enough,  the leather industry, in terms of manufactured leather, seems to be seeing a considerable improvement.

What do you think of the situation? Do you think that Pakistan’s exports will keep increasing, making sure the economy stays stable and healthy? Share your thoughts using the links below.

Did You Know Social Media Has Psychological Benefits?

social media benefits and disadvantages

None of us could have imagined that the stories we used to hear about being able to see people through devices and talk to them while sitting on the other end of the world were actually ever going to be true. Even if we think today it seems impossible.

But this is the reality now. And we’re living in this era. Even a person living alone isn’t alone anymore. No one is isolated until they have the means to access social media.

Now that communication has become so rapid and pervasiveness of social media has taken over this could be a concern for the mental health of people. The mental health professionals needed to know the impact of this new method of communication. Whether it had an adverse or favorable effect on the psychology of people.

It was found in the studies that social media had both adverse and beneficial effects. One might only think, how could it have psychological benefits. But it does and here are a few:

Your Sense Of Belonging Is Revived

Why do people we share our stories with other people? What could we possibly accomplish from that? It gives you a sense of belonging you feel accepted to know there are more people going through the same situation living the same life. That’s what social media does. 

When someone who you thought was arrogent whether friend or family posts something on their timeline and you find it relatable, your perception changes. You start realizing how indifferent are they from you.

Role Models Became Easy To Find

Social media give us exposure to each other lives. This may sound wrong. But the effect this has on our mentle health is totally alright. Because it helps you see who you’re more related to and even make them your role models. These role models may become a source of inspiration from you.

Builds trust

A study by Valenzuela, Park, and Kee showed that social media helps you build trust in people. It is because of all of the information about each person in your friend lists. So if you’re feeling shady about someone just go to their profiles and it will take away all the uncertainty you had regarding that person.

You Don’t Feel Lonely Anymore

When people see relatable posts. Even if the person isn’t interacting with them directly they’re still building a bond. This makes people feel less lonely. Then they can also make one-on-one interaction with the other person also via social media (e.g., liking someones post, instant message or comment).

Develops A Sense Of Happiness

Even though people have been talking about “Facebook depression,” there is no denying from the fact that social media does lift us up a bit when we’re feeling down. This happiness could be temporary

Couples Feel Connected

Long-distance relationships have always existed but with the arrival of text and online messages, it has became easier for the couples to stay in touch. This also builds a sense of attachment and closeness in them. Besides the long-distance one, text messaging has even helped couples resolve arguments that they found hard to talk out in person.

Indian Citizen Slams Modi For Promoting Trump’s Views Instead Of His Own

PM Modi

Modi government hasn’t been able to provide the region with a stable political strategy. Especially one that would be in favor of the country itself and the region. Every individual has their brows raised towards Modi over his plans for India’s future.

The government is not looking forward to making peace. Neither is doing anything to strengthen its position in the world as a country with a self-standing vision. This is the reason why even a huge section of citizens of India are against its own government.

You can go to any social media website and you’ll find tons of criticism against Modi for his corrupt vision.

The parent organization of BJP is RSS which has been involved in many terrorist activities including the assassination of Gandhi. This is the scope with a distorted vision that India has chosen to view its future from.

Well, recently a video went viral of an Indian citizen who is seeking answers from Modi to how him asking people to vote for Trump is even relevant to the prosperity of his own country.

The video starts off his interview where he is talking about the howdy Modi, a community summit. He is pissed at the fact that in front of a huge audience Modi kept talking about Pakistan throughout his speech while his actual concern should’ve been his own country and how to empower it. Instead, he promotes the vision of Trump saying, “Ab ki bar trump sarkar”, meaning “vote for Trump”.

He is doing this in the same country where people from India go and be treated as slaves.

This is actually a valid objection. No matter in what way the government tries to justify it now. Modi has indeed turned the opportunity of addressing important matters with his audience and with the world to dust. Instead kept talking about irrelevant stuff. His choice of words should have been empowering while he had the world’s attention.

“How is America voting for Trump or not is relevant to us? How is Afghanistan relevant to us? How is Saudi Arabia relevant to us? How is any other country relevant to us? Why is he being a ‘parchar boy’ for the USA. Is that why our Prime Minister went there?” questions the citizen.

He also added that in the whole visit of Modi to the USA his behaviour was portraying him as a weak man. And all his actions were giving away the fact that he was only doing ‘chaploosi’ of America.

“This was the first time in the history of all Indian Prime Minister that a Prime Minister has used a platform to promote the views of another country instead of his own,” explained the man. He kept regarding Modi as ‘prachaar boy’ meaning a person who propagates matters.

Further praising Manmohan Singh he says that he used to hold his own distinguished opinions against other nations and made them agree to his own terms, instead of acting submissive in front of them.

He asked Modi to start focusing on the problems of his own country more than criticising the neighbouring countries.

“1 million factories are getting closed from Gujrat to Haridwar, where millions of people were working who are now coming back home.”

Moreover he said that solving the problems of India’s youngsters, farmers, workers don’t seem to be a part of this government’s agenda. Their only focus is to further expand the differences between Hindus and Muslims. Modi has completely sidelined Rahul Gandi calling him out from his nation which was also triggering for the nation. As the father of Rahul Gandi had invested his whole life for the nation. While Narendra Modi has only spread chaos and stirred hatred.

Major Diplomatic Win For Pakistan, Imran Khan’s Mission Kashmir On The Right Direction

Alice Wells Kashmir

With an effort of Prime Minister Imran Khan in meeting world leaders and doing press conference in UNGA about Kashmir situation that is illegally imposed by India. Imran Khan has convinced many through his influence.

Alice Wells claims Washington desires India to swiftly ease restrictions imposed in the location it carries out in the divided Himalayan region of Kashmir.

“We hope to see rapid action — the lifting of the restrictions and the release of those who have been detained,” She told the reporters on 26 September in a press conference

She also said President Trump “was willing to mediate if asked by both parties,” Although India has rejected any offer of mediation.

Muslim-majority Pakistan and Hindu-led India have fought three battles because getting independence from Britain in 1947, 2 of which were over control of Kashmir, the divided region asserted by both countries in its entirety.

Trump also mentioned he told the two nations, “‘Fellas, work it out. Just work it out.'”

Imran Khan Jalsa For Kashmir

Imran Khan Jalsa

While Indian Army chief is clearly putting more oil in the fire by threatening statements like asking the Indian government to allow the army to strike POK despite constant efforts of government of Pakistan for keeping peace in the sub continent.

Imran Khan in today’s jalsa on Sep 13 2019 has stated that people of azad Kashmir I know you want to cross LOC and fight for your Kashmirs brothers and sisters, We have tried every possible way to make peace with India, I request you to hold till I return from UN general assembly meeting, and I will tell you when to strike, till than you all have to hold and wait in patience.

Imran Khan has clearly stated that “I have been saying this since February 2019 that a befitting response awaits if India ever cross its limits”

CAA Proposed Three Alternate Routes For Three Closed Routes

Air space ban

In a notice, Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority informed that it has closed three flight routes for all international Karachi-bound flights and in alternate proposed three other routes.

Aviation authority issued this notice to Airmen (NOTAM) issued on Wednesday in which the changes in the routes were notified. It also added that the effectiveness of the modifications announced in this notice will be observed from August 28 to August 31 in all Karachi-bound flights.

A day earlier Federal Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry informed that said a “complete closure” of airspace to India is being considered by prime minister Imran Khan.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the minister said that Pakistan will completely ban any land route being used by Indians for trade to Afghanistan as per the suggestion of cabinet meeting.

In the recent year, Pakistan had banned its airspace for India. So, this is not the first time that a measure like this is being taken to prevent any sort of terrorism. The country had completely closed its airspace after the incident on February 26. The incident involved a violation of Pakistani airspace by Indian fighter.

However, the Airspace wasn’t completely opened until July 16. It remained closed for five months after the incident.

Anyhow, on August 22, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India used airspace of Pakistan to travel to France. The Indian Prime Minister was granted special permission to use Pakistani airspace as told the cabinet on Tuesday saying that there was no ban in place.

During the incident, Pakistan had safely captured and arrested Indian wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman on February 27. These Indian planes were downed by Pakistani jets over Kashmir. But the wing commander was later released in a few days putting it forth as a gesture of peace.

Due to the complete closure of airspace in Pakistan. Indian flights had to take long routes. This made them suffer a loss of millions. Considering many factors Pakistan finally opened its airspace for the flights of India in July.

But the latest tensions have grown even more intense. This started between the two countries from August 5 after India dissolved article 370 ending the autonomous status of Indian-occupied Kashmir.

On August 26 Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed to the nation and termed the move of the BJP government to revoke the special status of Kashmir as a “historical blunder.”

Khan informed that Pakistan had received information about a “false flag operation”  that India was going to stage in Kashmir. So that they could justify a possible attack on Pakistan.

He further gave his nation confidence saying that the army of Pakistan was prepared as soon as the information about the operation was received.

The Prime Minister demanded international interference in the matter of Kashmir to bring peace in the region. Also to ease the tensions that are growing between the two countries. He was, majorly drawing attention to the fact that India and Pakistan both are nuclear powers. For more news related to this click here

“No country will win this [war],” he added. In the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, even the use of Pakistan’s airspace by Modi was questioned. PM Khan objected granting him peromission to the use of Pakistan’s airspace by PM Modi.

Kashmir Issue Raising Instability In The Region Once Again

genocide in Kashmir

Pakistan and India have had hostile relationships from the time of their independence. And the main point of conflict lands at the Kashmir issue. Both the countries have some parts of Kashmir that they intend to claim. Pakistani side of Kashmir is however a lot more peaceful and stable. But the Indian side of Kashmir has been at war for ages.

Pakistan has always spoken for the rights of Kashmiris. In the forefront for peace talks with the ministries on the other side of the border. But every time that happens the Indian side of Kashmir becomes more unstable.

PM Khan’s Meeting With US President Donald Trump

Something similar happened this time too. Pakistani PM Imran Khan visited the US to have a meeting with the President of the United States Donald Trump. Where Trump offered Pakistan a qualified solution to mediate on Kashmir Issue. Adding that Modi has asked him to extend the talk in resolving the issue.

However, Modi later claimed that he had made no such request. And the talks on the issue can only be held between India and Pakistan. Hence, no third-party mediation would be invited. After which the controversy was built whether or not the statement of Trump was true. But it was enough to fire conflicts in Kashmir.

India Deployed Paramilitary Forces In IOK

India sent down a paramilitary force of 35,000 armed men, calling it an everyday operation. But experts have been linking it to the statement of Donald Trump.

Later to this happening, India took another concerning action. The tourists and students on the Indian side of Kashmir were told to leave the region as a terror attack was going to take place. As soon as the orders were out a chaos was spread in the region.

Cluster Bomb Attacks

The chaos however, ended up on both sides of the border. As Pakistan declared that India has been placing cluster bombs in the northernmost side of the Pakistani Kashmir. On the night of 30 and 31st July, around 11 people died because of the bomb. Among whom there was a 4-year-old boy too. This practice is prohibited under the Convention on Cluster Ammunition.

The responsibility of the incident hasn’t been claimed by India yet. They have clearly denied their involvement in the incidents.

Even an Indian journalist reported the happenings in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. She said that the activities happening in Kashmir can no longer be labelled as normal. And the government cannot keep the people blind to the situation anymore.

Trifurcation of Indian-occupied Kashmir

In recent news it has also been discovered that India intends to Trifurcate the Indian-occupied Kashmir. However, this action can harm India as it would be illegal under international law and UN-mandated obligation. Hence, no side can make any changes unilaterally. PM Imran Khan has clearly mention that there will be no nuclear war will happen and we can surrender our nuclear weapons if India is willing too, as nuclear war is a self destruct mode for both countries. he added

Response From Pakistani Authorities

DG ISPR tweeted that no weapon can make the Kashmiris stop from fighting for their freedom. Also adding that Pakistanis have Kashmir in their blood and the Kashmiri’s shall succeed.

He also said in another statement that this step taken by Kashmir shows the true colors of the Indian army and their moral standing. This scenario is the most highlighted issue of the region. As Pakistan is trying to draw international attention towards the issue since India is carrying out major Human Rights violation in the region. Shah Mahmood, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, said that this act of India of using cluster bombs on Kashmiris is absolutely unacceptable. And that India is neither agreed for mediation nor bilateral engagement and is now taking these actions. He added that the information regarding the events will be shared with the Security Council to draw international attention.

Babar Azam Continues To Be The Charm In The T20 Series After World Cup 2019

Babar Azam T20 Series

If you’ve followed the World Cup 2019, you’d know that Babar was the star batsman of the tournament. The life saviour for Team Pakistan in the match against New Zealand where Babar managed to score a century. With this century, he even surpassed Virat Kohli who is his idol. Babar became the second batsman to score the fastest 3000.

Recently after the World Cup 2019, Babar joined Somerset and played his debut match on July 18. He gave a very impressive performance in the match, playing in partnership with Tom Banton. They scored 98 runs in just 8.5 overs making it a win for Somerset.

The role of our Pakistani star in chasing the score given by the opponent team was prime. It was a crucial chase with 9 runs per over, needing 182 to win. However, partnership of Babar and Tom Baton did the job for the team. Somerset won the match with only 2 wickets down.

Tom Baton in the closing of the match praising Babar’s skill said that the partnership with Babar was an experience. Since Babar is the best batsman in the world at T20 cricket. 

” it was good to stand at the other end and see how he goes about things,” said Tom.

This isn’t where Babar stopped becoming the hero. In his match against Hampshire. The star player managed to score a half century in the match giving the total target of 172 at 3 wickets. Babar’s contribution to the score was as great as 5 runs short in a century. He scored 95 from 61 balls. Making that score with nine boundaries and three sixes was an absolute incredible sight to watch.

Anyhow, his performance was for a losing cause as the match was eventually won by the opponent team. But Babar surely earned more fan with his unbeaten half-century becoming the standout performer of the match. Peter Trego and James Hilderith were however the other two who contributed their score to the match, that it 35 and 28 runs respectively.

Babar Azam seems to be consistent with his performance throughout proving himself to be an asset of Team Pakistan. His differentiating factor is how determined and focused he is to achieve his target. Becoming like his idol Kohli and he has proven himself with the fastest 3000.

However, Babar wasn’t the only star player of Team Pakistan who made us proud. Mohammad Amir also earned himself the title of highest wicket taker of the tournament in World Cup 2019. He is also one of the players who has impressed the world with his on field skills.

Whenever Amir is in the ground, he manages to make the players of the opponent team nervous. Though, in the recent developments, the 27 year old fast bowler has announced retirement from Test Cricket. This announcement has not been taken well by the nation. But Mohammad Amir says he wants to focus on his performance in the white-ball matches. Some legends have criticized his decision and expressed shock. On the bright side some have supported his decision too.

Anyway, all we want is for our stars to keep making us proud. What do you think about Babar’s performance? Let us know in the comments.

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Pakistan Military head Bajwa Meets US state secy, And Military Leadership

Military Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, who came with Head of state Imran Khan on his three-day official trip to Washington, And United States Assistant of State Michael Pompeo as well as the country’s top military leadership.

Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) spokesperson Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor, in a collection of tweets on Wednesday, provided updates on the military chief’s interactions in the US.

Aside from Pompeo, the chief of military personnel met Acting defense Secretary Richard Spencer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Gen Joseph F. Dunford and also Joint chief of Staff Gen Mark Milley. He was part of the delegation that accompanied the head of state Imran Khan on his official trip to the White house.

Gen Bajwa was recieved at Pentagon by Gen Dunford and honored with a 21-gun salute.

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“US leadership acknowledged contributions of Pakistan Army in the war against terrorism and [its] role towards the Afghan peace process,” ISPR Director General Maj Gen Ghafoor  on his official Twitter account.