Kashmir Issue Raising Instability In The Region Once Again

Pakistan and India have had hostile relationships from the time of their independence. And the main point of conflict lands at the Kashmir issue. Both the countries have some parts of Kashmir that they intend to claim. Pakistani side of Kashmir is however a lot more peaceful and stable. But the Indian side of Kashmir has been at war for ages.

Pakistan has always spoken for the rights of Kashmiris. In the forefront for peace talks with the ministries on the other side of the border. But every time that happens the Indian side of Kashmir becomes more unstable.

PM Khan’s Meeting With US President Donald Trump

Something similar happened this time too. Pakistani PM Imran Khan visited the US to have a meeting with the President of the United States Donald Trump. Where Trump offered Pakistan a qualified solution to mediate on Kashmir Issue. Adding that Modi has asked him to extend the talk in resolving the issue.

However, Modi later claimed that he had made no such request. And the talks on the issue can only be held between India and Pakistan. Hence, no third-party mediation would be invited. After which the controversy was built whether or not the statement of Trump was true. But it was enough to fire conflicts in Kashmir.

India Deployed Paramilitary Forces In IOK

India sent down a paramilitary force of 35,000 armed men, calling it an everyday operation. But experts have been linking it to the statement of Donald Trump.

Later to this happening, India took another concerning action. The tourists and students on the Indian side of Kashmir were told to leave the region as a terror attack was going to take place. As soon as the orders were out a chaos was spread in the region.

Cluster Bomb Attacks

The chaos however, ended up on both sides of the border. As Pakistan declared that India has been placing cluster bombs in the northernmost side of the Pakistani Kashmir. On the night of 30 and 31st July, around 11 people died because of the bomb. Among whom there was a 4-year-old boy too. This practice is prohibited under the Convention on Cluster Ammunition.

The responsibility of the incident hasn’t been claimed by India yet. They have clearly denied their involvement in the incidents.

Even an Indian journalist reported the happenings in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. She said that the activities happening in Kashmir can no longer be labelled as normal. And the government cannot keep the people blind to the situation anymore.

Trifurcation of Indian-occupied Kashmir

In recent news it has also been discovered that India intends to Trifurcate the Indian-occupied Kashmir. However, this action can harm India as it would be illegal under international law and UN-mandated obligation. Hence, no side can make any changes unilaterally. PM Imran Khan has clearly mention that there will be no nuclear war will happen and we can surrender our nuclear weapons if India is willing too, as nuclear war is a self destruct mode for both countries. he added

Response From Pakistani Authorities

DG ISPR tweeted that no weapon can make the Kashmiris stop from fighting for their freedom. Also adding that Pakistanis have Kashmir in their blood and the Kashmiri’s shall succeed.

He also said in another statement that this step taken by Kashmir shows the true colors of the Indian army and their moral standing. This scenario is the most highlighted issue of the region. As Pakistan is trying to draw international attention towards the issue since India is carrying out major Human Rights violation in the region. Shah Mahmood, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, said that this act of India of using cluster bombs on Kashmiris is absolutely unacceptable. And that India is neither agreed for mediation nor bilateral engagement and is now taking these actions. He added that the information regarding the events will be shared with the Security Council to draw international attention.

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