DG ISPR Responds to Indian Media’s Aggression on Pakistan’s Internal Defense Budgeting Choice

Indian media like everytime has been twisting the facts leading people to believe that anything Pakistan’s Army does is going the wrong way in the line of order. But Pakistanis themselves have absolute trust on their defense forces because the forces have always managed to keep them safe and have stood upfront fearlessly on the borders even on the times of the year when all we want to do it be with our families.

On 5 June Major General Asif Ghafoor the spokesperson for Pakistan Army slammed Indian Media for spinning the facts of Pakistan’s internal defence budget.

Director General Inter Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) addresses in his tweet, “Indian fake media busy spinning on our internal defence budgeting choice.”

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He also warned India not to forget 27th feb 19, establishing that fact that they are the same forces with the same capability and capacity to retaliate. Adding that budget is not what makes their army and soldiers great rather it is the resolve & the nation’s trust and support that firmly stands besides them all time making them the best at their respective duties.

Director General of the Public Relations wing of the Armed forces reminded the world by his powerful message that the voluntary cut in the budget for national interest does not in any way take the determination of the soldiers away. Pakistan shall still remain one of the strongest defense force in the world.  This online News from Pakistan went quickly viral in the sub contenent.

Prior to DG ISPR’s tweet, Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa who celebrated eid on LoC also had a take on the matter saying that the voluntary cut in the defence budget for the coming financial year will not assert any impact on the potential of Pakistan army to respond to threat or in provision of a quality life for soldiers. Further adding that the decision of not granting incentives in only limited to the officers and not the soldiers. Hence, the shortfall will not impact any of the mentioned aspects. He also institutes the fact that the defence forces have not taken this action as any kind of favor, rather its their duty because they are one with the nation through thick and thin. Fawad Chaudhry, Minister for Science and Technology, also endorsed the tweet of DG ISPR by tweeting, that the India media acts like a pet to its establishment line and agencies by toeing them. Adding that they also earned themselves worldwide notoriety for promoting a war situation in the region

General Ghafoor also delivered the fact to the public that the voluntary cut was a much needed initiative for investing in the development projects in Balochistan and Tribal Areas. He ensured that the safety and security of the country will not be compromised because of the cuts.

Prime Minister Khan also appreciated the military’s initiative of “voluntary cuts” in spending of defence forces, in his tweet on Tuesday. He said in confirmation that the budget will be used by PTI government in developing merged tribal areas & Balochistan.

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