Samsung Galaxy Note 10, What Is Coming Our Way?

For all the samsung fans out there, the big news of the year is Samsung Galaxy Note 10. But so far the rumors haven’t been found very favorable. The fans though, stand loyal with the name that has stood-out years after years in the growing crowd of android phones.

Samsung has known to be playing safe in its features except for Galaxy Edge which was quite a risky experimental model with a certainly high price considering it was released 5 years ago. Recently however, we have discovered that there is an anticipated change in the game for the Galaxy series with their upcoming models of Note 10.

What Do We Know Uptil Now?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is currently the most controversial release of its series with the rumored features of 4 cameras, 5g and no buttons. Another thing happening for the first time in the series is that Samsung is told to be releasing more than two models of Note this very same year and this is more than just a rumor as it has been confirmed from some of the reliable sources.

The first Note was released in 2011 and ever since Samsung has only been releasing one model in a year but taking a time-out from its own trend, it’s coming at us with something more.

As reported by the ET News., there are four models of Note 10 planned to be released by Samsung. The models would include a standard Note 10, the other would be a larger Note 10 Pro, and two more would be released that would be a 5G variation of each.

The change is not absolutely new to Samsung as it has released four models of S10 which worked quite well, so there isn’t any harm doing the same with the Note series.

No doubt Samsung has its mind on really going big this year.

How BIG Are We Talking?

We are talking BIG in size and we are talking big in prize. The foretold screen size of the standard Note 10 is 6.28-inch and for Note 10 Pro it would be 6.75-inch which is largest among the other phones except huawei 20x which has even gone to 7.2 inch. For the samsung loyal users this is going to be a new experience considering that 6.75-inch is quite a big size as no other samsung phone has ever been this big. Adding the fact that Samsung has shrunken the bezel surrounding the screen and an infinity-O panel has been used for the Note 10.

Now talking about the prize, it is going to be higher than any phone ever reaching as high as $1500.

We don’t know which factor would weigh the other and would people actually be interested in buying it considering that Note 9 is still a pretty good phone to use in 2019. It’s too early to say anything but if you’re planning on buying it you’d need a lot of savings to spend on it.

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