Blind Patriotism in Pakistan can be the Next Reason for Pakistan’s Downfall

Pakistan needs a boost, be it in our economy or our citizens, we need the boost! But what if our energy starts shifting in the pessimistic direction? The so-called patriotism in Pakistan is turning into ‘Blind Patriotism’.

It’s no mystery that we are ranked as the most patriotic region to grace Asia and that’s quite a huge deal.

That’s a great feat which we should celebrate because we can do anything for our nation. However, that has its consequences. What are we categorizing as anything? Is patriotism in Pakistan helping us or in return breaking our nation?

Here are a few points to ponder over and understand how becoming a victim of blind patriotism can eventually destroy our country as well as our reputation as citizens:

We Make Unnecessary Comparisons:

Whenever a horrific incident takes place in our country, obviously we are upset and bad-mouth the criminals but we get frustrated. That is normal. Considering that the citizens don’t wish for any crimes we should get frustrated with every inch of injustice.

However, in order to protect the ‘image’ of our country some of us actually start comparing it to different nations especially the ones bordering us.

Okay, so a woman got assaulted? Well, that happens on the daily in India!

What correlation does the two of them have? We shouldn’t be that anxious to safeguard our country as a safe-haven just to bring out out-of-blue comparisons.

Every nation has its fair share of crimes and our responsibility is to face the truth instead of concealing it. In the end, this method of protecting the image of our country is ultimately damaging because we barely do anything to stop the crimes. We seem too busy participating in ‘Pakistan isn’t like this, we are a hospitable nation with loving Your citizens come first, then your ‘hospitality’.

Our First Concern in Any Situation is ‘Don’t Portray Our Country Like That’:

To be very honest, we are already portrayed like devils in the American media. It’s a scheme and nothing new.

Yet, why are we constantly trying to prove ourselves to the western world? This idea of quickly defending our nation instead of admitting our mistakes will just make us fall in a deeper pit.


Countries that don’t require western validation and look for solutions for the loopholes in their nation are the ones making it big. This is the reason why Central Asia and East Asia have left us behind.

Examples of patriotism in Pakistan are like all talk and less action. It’s important to have foreign relations but this need to continuously prove ourselves as ‘good people’ and suddenly mentioning the positive qualities instead of the negative, is ignoring the actual crisis!

More so, social media activists suffer through death threats and hate comments when they mention anything slightly negative regarding the country.

It’s like we can’t even critique and evaluate how we can change our ways and become better as a nation! That is extremely toxic. In the end, it all boils down to being blind.

However, you should notice that not every Pakistani is participating in that!

Definitely, there are people that realize the wrong in such acts and condemn them.

It is important to root out people following blind patriotism so that the nation can progress without the hindrance of constantly trying to prove our worth.

We Just Want the Thrill Rather Than to Help:

It’s time to address the extra problematic part of the bunch: Our desire to die for our country but not change it.

Kuch karna bhi hai ya sirf marna hai!?

It’s true that none of us have a big and prominent enough platform to actually make a significant impact but are we even trying though?

Most of us just follow this rule of ‘if everyone is doing it, so can we’ and through that, there remains no difference in the ignorant and us.

Moreover, our nation has this obsession of going to war and sacrificing ourselves for the betterment of the country. This is a good cause and a symbol of patriotism in Islam as well but we are actually doing nothing to save the country while we are alive.

We are waiting for a war to strike so we can show how high the patriotism in Pakistan is but no one wants to thoroughly work for the comfort of the country.


This brings in the issue of pollution as well. Our country is gradually worsening in terms of environment and it’s no surprise that we will be engulfed with chemicals soon.

Instead of facing this crisis, we are stuck in an endless loop of blind patriotism. We still buy plastic, we barely have any recycling firms, our industries are still dumping waste into the waters, and our mindset still won’t strive to work for a better cause.

But if you need motivation, here is a wonderful example of how to use your platform to ignite for a change.

Can we talk about the low pay rates, street crime, poverty, lack of education, unsafe areas, etc? It is a mystery as to why we are still not trying to utilize our time and focus on these problems!

People from KPK and Balochistan have been fleeing their provinces to find better opportunities because there is no help here. This is a depressing thought and more than half the nation is oblivious to it.

If you feel making your own platform is difficult then join events or NGO’s organized by other bigger platforms. At least, this can ensure that you are contributing to the country.


We need to join forces and destroy the mindset of constantly trying to prove our worth to the world.

Our only concern should be our own citizens and their well-being. We should NEVER compromise them to uplift the image or position of the country. None of the people involved in the making of this country would be proud to see it today and this is something many of us can agree on.

Do you think this can be fixed? If so, how? Comment below your opinion regarding the state of the country and the responsibility of the citizens!

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