PM Imran Khan Emphasized On The Development Of Railway, At Sir Syed Express Launch Ceremony

On 3rd July, PM Imran Khan inaugurated Sir Syed Express on being invited by Minister Railway Sheikh Rasheed. He also spoke on the ceremony about the importance of development of railway and how far it has been a success. Lauding Sheikh Rasheed, PM Khan mentioned that he has brought down the railways deficit to 32 billion rupees from 36 billion. This is a huge achievement as it happened only in the matter of 9 months. 

PM Khan added that he was glad Sheikh Rasheed invited him for it as this train is going to benefit the poor. The previous government’s corruption which was led by PPP and PML (N) has ruined the state institutions. He said that they have left the country in a trap of debt where the poor only becomes poorer.

“We will not spare those who have looted and plundered the country,” said Khan. PM Also said that asset declaration scheme will benefit the country.

However, those who are currently denying all corruption charges on themselves return half of the money they looted from national exchequer it would save the country from the collapsing economy situation. Which in the first place is prevalent today because of them.

PM Imran Khan congratulates Sheikh Rasheed the Railway Minister of Pakistan expressing the hope that the betterment and profitability of Pakistan Railways will continue to prevail and will become a profitable institute.

Minister railway told the journalists at Expo center Lahore that all possible measures are being taken to ensure provision, modern, swift, comfortable and safe means of transport. He added that the on-going efforts In Pakistan Railway are underway to eradicate the deficit of PR within five years.

Rashid has managed to remove 36 kilometers of encroachments on Karachi circular Railways.

He further said that not a penny was spent on the development of railway track in Sindh in the government of former rulers.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed commitment towards facilitating the common people of Pakistan by laying down new railway track. He added that railway is the most mode of transportation for commoners. Also that civilized societies are always determined to improve the system of their railway.

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An MOU has been signed between the current government and China regarding ML-1 to upgrade the tracks of Pakistani railway. According to PM Khan the completion of ML-1, will bring huge investment towards Pakistan. It will also reduce the travel time to around 10 hours.

The Prime Minister says they have started the Ehsas programme with the same intent to serve the poor. The earmarked amount in the budget for this programme has been defined 200 billion rupees.

Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed offered reservation of 1,000 stalls across Pakistan at various railway stations for the beneficiaries of Ehsas programme. Imran Khan responded to this request saying that alottation of those stalls will be carried out through a transparent balloting targeting needy people.

Earlier in the ceremony, Minister Railway said during the last 9 months, 24 new trains have been started, and railway has earned five billion rupees more profit than before. He said that in coming 5 years total debt of Pakistan Railways will be ended.

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