Pakistanis’ Seriously trolled team India after losing to New Zealand

The semi-final extended over 28 hours and 24 minutes, and it was covered with magnificent features of the Cricket World Cup 2019. In the end, New Zealand who remained steadfast, giving their second consecutive World Cup final with eighteen run wins. India performed out at the semi-final for the second consecutive tournament.

In the Old Trafford, India had 3 of its wickets in 5 runs and then on 92 runs it had lost its 6 wickets, and New Zealand beat India by 18 runs. Moreover, on the New Zealand side, Taylor scored 74 Williamson scored 67. On India’s side, Jadeja scored 77 and Dhoni 50. Besides, Bhuvneshwar took 3wickets, Henry took 3, Santer took 2 and Boult also took 2 wickets.

It was deep dejection for the Indian cricket team and its fans but in Pakistan, the victory was celebrated. The loss of India meant the world for Pakistani cricket fans. That is due to the fact, Pakistanis across the globe think that India deliberately lost to England so that Pakistan could not come into the Semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup 2019.

Pakistan’s cricket team worked tooth and nail in order to get to the semi-finals, and they did win all the matches after losing to Indian; nevertheless, England’s win against Inda shatter all the dreams of Pakistani cricket team and fans.

Pakistani around the world stormed the social media by trolling Indian Cricket team and its loss against Newzealand

Really Ambassador of Pakistan? 

Here we welcome! Ambassador of pakistan in New Zealand

β€” AneeqaK8 (@AneeqaK8) July 10, 2019

Savage! Isn’t it?

β€” Asfand Yar (@AsFuU__) July 10, 2019

Aww! A deliberate loss to England and its repercussions

Well played #teamindia. Better luck next time. U people intentionally lose matches to kick Pak out of the Semi final race and the end result is that the same team kicked u out of the WorldCup. #INDvsNZ

β€” Zafar Ullah KhattakπŸ‡΅πŸ‡° (@ZafarUllah97) July 10, 2019

Level of trolling 


#Pakistanannounces to open air space for #TeamIndiateam’s plane on their way back from #England#ICCWorldCup#INDvsNZ#CWC19#CWC2019#NZvsIND#SirJadeja#indiavsNewzealand#NewZealand

β€” Leezaa (@lee_zaa_) July 10, 2019

LOL! Many are naming it a surgical strike against India


Surgical strike by Pak Army New Zealand Wing..#SurpriseByNZ#NZvsIND#ہن_Ψ’Ψ±Ψ§Ω…_Ψ§Ϋ’

β€” Mian Amjad (@MianAmj24001497) July 11, 2019

Now, this is the next level of trolling. The tweet depicts Kohli’s wife and leading actress Anushka Sharma grieving over while Virat Kohli is fainted owing to the loss!


Anushka Sharma Right

β€” JaguarTiger786 (@JaguarTiger786) July 11, 2019

Not only in Pakistan But in Indian Occupied Kashmir people celebrated the win of Newzeland against India have a look!

Anti-national students of Kashmir University react after New zeland win against Endia…

β€” Ross Anti-National Taylor (@Pirate2_tweets) July 10, 2019

Hell yeah! Have you ever wondered how Kane Williamson would look on the seat of Prime Minister of Pakistan, No? Have a look!

Once A Legend Said
Main Inhen Rulaonga

β€” ALI. (@AliIsTweeting) July 10, 2019

Once, a wise man said that Do not nag Pakistani’s or do anything wrong to them otherwise you will regret it. Pakistani’s trolled the Indian cricket team so badly that the hashtag of trolling was trending on Twitter and other social media platforms. stay tunned for more latest cricket news

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