Major Diplomatic Win For Pakistan, Imran Khan’s Mission Kashmir On The Right Direction

With an effort of Prime Minister Imran Khan in meeting world leaders and doing press conference in UNGA about Kashmir situation that is illegally imposed by India. Imran Khan has convinced many through his influence.

Alice Wells claims Washington desires India to swiftly ease restrictions imposed in the location it carries out in the divided Himalayan region of Kashmir.

“We hope to see rapid action — the lifting of the restrictions and the release of those who have been detained,” She told the reporters on 26 September in a press conference

She also said President Trump “was willing to mediate if asked by both parties,” Although India has rejected any offer of mediation.

Muslim-majority Pakistan and Hindu-led India have fought three battles because getting independence from Britain in 1947, 2 of which were over control of Kashmir, the divided region asserted by both countries in its entirety.

Trump also mentioned he told the two nations, “‘Fellas, work it out. Just work it out.'”

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