Indian Citizen Slams Modi For Promoting Trump’s Views Instead Of His Own

Modi government hasn’t been able to provide the region with a stable political strategy. Especially one that would be in favor of the country itself and the region. Every individual has their brows raised towards Modi over his plans for India’s future.

The government is not looking forward to making peace. Neither is doing anything to strengthen its position in the world as a country with a self-standing vision. This is the reason why even a huge section of citizens of India are against its own government.

You can go to any social media website and you’ll find tons of criticism against Modi for his corrupt vision.

The parent organization of BJP is RSS which has been involved in many terrorist activities including the assassination of Gandhi. This is the scope with a distorted vision that India has chosen to view its future from.

Well, recently a video went viral of an Indian citizen who is seeking answers from Modi to how him asking people to vote for Trump is even relevant to the prosperity of his own country.

The video starts off his interview where he is talking about the howdy Modi, a community summit. He is pissed at the fact that in front of a huge audience Modi kept talking about Pakistan throughout his speech while his actual concern should’ve been his own country and how to empower it. Instead, he promotes the vision of Trump saying, “Ab ki bar trump sarkar”, meaning “vote for Trump”.

He is doing this in the same country where people from India go and be treated as slaves.

This is actually a valid objection. No matter in what way the government tries to justify it now. Modi has indeed turned the opportunity of addressing important matters with his audience and with the world to dust. Instead kept talking about irrelevant stuff. His choice of words should have been empowering while he had the world’s attention.

“How is America voting for Trump or not is relevant to us? How is Afghanistan relevant to us? How is Saudi Arabia relevant to us? How is any other country relevant to us? Why is he being a ‘parchar boy’ for the USA. Is that why our Prime Minister went there?” questions the citizen.

He also added that in the whole visit of Modi to the USA his behaviour was portraying him as a weak man. And all his actions were giving away the fact that he was only doing ‘chaploosi’ of America.

“This was the first time in the history of all Indian Prime Minister that a Prime Minister has used a platform to promote the views of another country instead of his own,” explained the man. He kept regarding Modi as ‘prachaar boy’ meaning a person who propagates matters.

Further praising Manmohan Singh he says that he used to hold his own distinguished opinions against other nations and made them agree to his own terms, instead of acting submissive in front of them.

He asked Modi to start focusing on the problems of his own country more than criticising the neighbouring countries.

“1 million factories are getting closed from Gujrat to Haridwar, where millions of people were working who are now coming back home.”

Moreover he said that solving the problems of India’s youngsters, farmers, workers don’t seem to be a part of this government’s agenda. Their only focus is to further expand the differences between Hindus and Muslims. Modi has completely sidelined Rahul Gandi calling him out from his nation which was also triggering for the nation. As the father of Rahul Gandi had invested his whole life for the nation. While Narendra Modi has only spread chaos and stirred hatred.

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