Did You Know Social Media Has Psychological Benefits?

None of us could have imagined that the stories we used to hear about being able to see people through devices and talk to them while sitting on the other end of the world were actually ever going to be true. Even if we think today it seems impossible.

But this is the reality now. And we’re living in this era. Even a person living alone isn’t alone anymore. No one is isolated until they have the means to access social media.

Now that communication has become so rapid and pervasiveness of social media has taken over this could be a concern for the mental health of people. The mental health professionals needed to know the impact of this new method of communication. Whether it had an adverse or favorable effect on the psychology of people.

It was found in the studies that social media had both adverse and beneficial effects. One might only think, how could it have psychological benefits. But it does and here are a few:

Your Sense Of Belonging Is Revived

Why do people we share our stories with other people? What could we possibly accomplish from that? It gives you a sense of belonging you feel accepted to know there are more people going through the same situation living the same life. That’s what social media does. 

When someone who you thought was arrogent whether friend or family posts something on their timeline and you find it relatable, your perception changes. You start realizing how indifferent are they from you.

Role Models Became Easy To Find

Social media give us exposure to each other lives. This may sound wrong. But the effect this has on our mentle health is totally alright. Because it helps you see who you’re more related to and even make them your role models. These role models may become a source of inspiration from you.

Builds trust

A study by Valenzuela, Park, and Kee showed that social media helps you build trust in people. It is because of all of the information about each person in your friend lists. So if you’re feeling shady about someone just go to their profiles and it will take away all the uncertainty you had regarding that person.

You Don’t Feel Lonely Anymore

When people see relatable posts. Even if the person isn’t interacting with them directly they’re still building a bond. This makes people feel less lonely. Then they can also make one-on-one interaction with the other person also via social media (e.g., liking someones post, instant message or comment).

Develops A Sense Of Happiness

Even though people have been talking about “Facebook depression,” there is no denying from the fact that social media does lift us up a bit when we’re feeling down. This happiness could be temporary

Couples Feel Connected

Long-distance relationships have always existed but with the arrival of text and online messages, it has became easier for the couples to stay in touch. This also builds a sense of attachment and closeness in them. Besides the long-distance one, text messaging has even helped couples resolve arguments that they found hard to talk out in person.

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