PTA To Launch 5G Cellular Network In Pakistan

5G, the fifth-generation cellular technology is going to be launched in Pakistan. Remember the ban on Huawei in the United States of America (USA)? 5G technology was one of the reasons for the ban on Huawei.

Although Pakistan is not in the list of developed countries, yet it is launching 5G cellular services across the country. The rapid technological advancement compelled Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to invite applications for the 5G network services.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has revealed the structure for testing and developing future technologies, especially the fifth-generation cellular technology.

PTA has asked formal applications for trials 5G wireless networks around Pakistan. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is asking applications from its licence holders, various organisations educational institutes and mobile phone operators.

The authority has issued a public notice named “Test and Development of Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless Networks in Pakistan”.

According to the notice, “Pakistan Telecommunication Authority invites applications from its licensees, research and development (R&D) organisations, academic institutions, equipment and/or device manufacturers, vendors, etc for the trial of fifth-generation wireless networks in Pakistan.” 

There are around 71 million broadband customers, including 70 million 3G/4G customers in Pakistan. Indeed, Pakistan is going through huge growth in mobile data traffic.

What is 5G

5G systems are the fifth generation of cellular internet connectivity. It allows quicker speeds and more secure connections on smartphones and other similar devices.

Merging cutting-edge network technology and the most advanced analysis, 5G connections are much faster than contemporary ones. The average download speed of 5G would be around 1 GB per second.

The current infrastructure is suffering overcrowding due to the accelerated growth in customers. Consequently, customer requirement for 5G is growing in the country. A few days ago, the commanding authority of mobile service operators, PTA, had published a framework for advanced technology, announcing the experiment of 5G would be non-marketable for effective use of the transistor frequency spectrum device and educational purposes like systematic research and communication concepts.

Any organisation enrolled with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Research and Development (R&D) organisations, educational institutions, device makers, are qualified to appeal for the test and permission, as per the PTA framework.

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According to the framework, the Test & Development permission permits an aspirant to provisionally use the spectrum on non-exclusive purposes. Candidates can propose a spectrum for the purpose of trial which could incorporate the necessary spectrum blocks in 2.6 GHz, 3.6 GHz and other related bands.

There is no supervisory fee correlated with subject non-commercial trial license or the spectrum usage for this goal.

The trial will continue for the period of 3 to 6 months or as declared in the permission issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Any application for an extension in the time of trials must be tendered to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The authority may decide a fair time for the expansion in the trial period while considering the recommended trial period and the application will be treated according to the official provisions.

Inzamam Steps Down From Chief Selector Role And Says He’s Open For New Roles In The Board

inzamam annouces retirement

On Wednesday Inzamam ul haq, the Chief selector of Pakistan Cricket Board stepped down saying that he does not further intend to continue as the Chief Selector of Pakistan. And has declared that his stepping down from this position would not keep him from accepting any other role in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Because he is still living the spirit to serve the cricket board of Pakistan.

Inzamam announced his decision at Gaddafi Stadium while addressing a press conference. He claimed that he is not seeking extension to his tenure which is likely to end on July 31.

He said that he has decided to not renew his contract with the PCB as the chairman of National Selection Committee. Also adding that the PCB should try a new face with fresh ideas and thinking as the ICC Test Championship, T20 World Cup and ICC World Cup are approaching.

His decision had been conveyed to PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani and Managing Director Wasim Khan, by Inzamam himself. He was thankful to them for  having the back of selection committee ever since they took over PCB.

Inzamam mentioned that the Young Players are now ready to perform excellently in all three formats as they have grown in experience.

Inzamam further said that he is aware that being a human he might have made mistakes in his rein but they were not intentional. And he would never destroy the career of any player. However, he also apologised to anyone who got hurt by his selection decisions but he has only kept the national interest his foremost priority.

Inzamam was satisfied over Pakistan team’s performance at the World Cup 2019. The reason being that the team had beaten both finalist and only failed to qualify for the knockout round because they were low on net run-rate.

Ehsan Mani’s management has decided to create a new national selection committee and does not intend to continue with the current one. But they have came to understanding that a new role would be offered to Inzamam and will not extend his current role in PCB, as per Inzamam’s wish.

Inzamam however, said that he will consider the role offered to him by PCB if it interests him.

During his tenure, Pakistan team gained top position in T20 rankings for the first time and won the ICC Champions Trophy both in 2017 under the captaincy of Sarfraz Ahmed.

New players such as Fakhar Zaman, Hasan Ali, Faheem Ashraf, Imam-ul-Haq, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Abbas, Usman Shinwari and Shaheen Shah Afridi made their international debuts. While Babar Azam on the other hand gained recognition as Pakistan’s batting mainstay in all three formats.

The ex skipper, Inzamam said he realizes that the team could have performed much better than it did during his tenure because he can see great potential in it. And he might have overlooked some deserving players but nothing was intentional. He hopes that the fans would be able to see this in his decisions.

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Prime Minister Issued Orders For Investigation of Reko Diq Case

Investigation of Reko Diq Case

Prime Minister has ordered a commission to be formed for the investigation of the Reko Diq case. This commission will also fix the responsibility of the penalty imposed by the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) on Pakistan.

On Sunday the foremost directions were provided in a statement that was issued from Attorney General for Pakistan (AGP)’s office. No official response was given to the $5.976 billion penalty from Pakistan’s side previously. This is the first direction given by PM Imran Khan. .

According to AGP’s statement Prime Minister Imran Khan’s the commission will investigate into the reasons that lead Pakistan into this predicament. Also, to figure out the culprits who made Pakistan  suffer such a great loss and point out the lessons learnt. The aim is to ensure that no mistakes of similar gravity are repeated in the future.

“The government notes with disappointment the award by ICSID in the matter of Tethyan Copper Company (TCC) vs Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The tribunal has rendered an award of $4.08 billion in favour of TCC against their claim of $8.5 billion,” further said the statement.

The Balochistan government, AGP office and other stakeholders, are studying the case and carefully examining its legal and financial implications. And the government will also take consultation from provincial governments to plan out future strategy.

The statement said that the government of Pakistan for now reserves its right to proceed with any and all legal solutions available under the international law, ICSID and all other relevant laws to resolve this case and safeguard its interests

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Emphasizing on the commitment of the government to International obligation the AGP statement said that Pakistan is welcoming all foreign investors and assert surety to them that their interests, assets and lawful rights shall always be protected.

Reko Diq’s mineral resources are the collective resource of the natives of Pakistan and Balochistan. Pakistan is keen for development of this resource to ensure that the development needs of some of the poorest people on the planet are addressed.

“International tribunals are also urged to consider the implications of their decisions and the impact on development and poverty alleviation.”

The TCC is the largest foreign direct investment mining project in the country.

More than 10 years ago, this group discovered vast copper and gold deposits In Balochistan at Reko Diq. After which a hugely lucrative open-pit mine will was planned. However, the project was halted in 2011 after the local government of Balochistan rejected the offer to renew the consortium’s lease. , and in 2013 Pakistan’s top court declared it invalid.

The World Bank’s international arbitration tribunal committee on past Friday awarded a $6 billion penalty to Pakistan for the damages to TCC because of the decision of the government to shut down the mine.

TCC’s William Hayes added that they are open to discuss potential negotiations for settlement with Pakistan on this case. They will continue to protect their legal rights and commercial interests until the dispute’s conclusion is presented.

Pakistanis’ Seriously trolled team India after losing to New Zealand


The semi-final extended over 28 hours and 24 minutes, and it was covered with magnificent features of the Cricket World Cup 2019. In the end, New Zealand who remained steadfast, giving their second consecutive World Cup final with eighteen run wins. India performed out at the semi-final for the second consecutive tournament.

In the Old Trafford, India had 3 of its wickets in 5 runs and then on 92 runs it had lost its 6 wickets, and New Zealand beat India by 18 runs. Moreover, on the New Zealand side, Taylor scored 74 Williamson scored 67. On India’s side, Jadeja scored 77 and Dhoni 50. Besides, Bhuvneshwar took 3wickets, Henry took 3, Santer took 2 and Boult also took 2 wickets.

It was deep dejection for the Indian cricket team and its fans but in Pakistan, the victory was celebrated. The loss of India meant the world for Pakistani cricket fans. That is due to the fact, Pakistanis across the globe think that India deliberately lost to England so that Pakistan could not come into the Semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup 2019.

Pakistan’s cricket team worked tooth and nail in order to get to the semi-finals, and they did win all the matches after losing to Indian; nevertheless, England’s win against Inda shatter all the dreams of Pakistani cricket team and fans.

Pakistani around the world stormed the social media by trolling Indian Cricket team and its loss against Newzealand

Really Ambassador of Pakistan? 

Here we welcome! Ambassador of pakistan in New Zealand

— AneeqaK8 (@AneeqaK8) July 10, 2019

Savage! Isn’t it?

— Asfand Yar (@AsFuU__) July 10, 2019

Aww! A deliberate loss to England and its repercussions

Well played #teamindia. Better luck next time. U people intentionally lose matches to kick Pak out of the Semi final race and the end result is that the same team kicked u out of the WorldCup. #INDvsNZ

— Zafar Ullah Khattak🇵🇰 (@ZafarUllah97) July 10, 2019

Level of trolling 


#Pakistanannounces to open air space for #TeamIndiateam’s plane on their way back from #England#ICCWorldCup#INDvsNZ#CWC19#CWC2019#NZvsIND#SirJadeja#indiavsNewzealand#NewZealand

— Leezaa (@lee_zaa_) July 10, 2019

LOL! Many are naming it a surgical strike against India


Surgical strike by Pak Army New Zealand Wing..#SurpriseByNZ#NZvsIND#ہن_آرام_اے

— Mian Amjad (@MianAmj24001497) July 11, 2019

Now, this is the next level of trolling. The tweet depicts Kohli’s wife and leading actress Anushka Sharma grieving over while Virat Kohli is fainted owing to the loss!


Anushka Sharma Right

— JaguarTiger786 (@JaguarTiger786) July 11, 2019

Not only in Pakistan But in Indian Occupied Kashmir people celebrated the win of Newzeland against India have a look!

Anti-national students of Kashmir University react after New zeland win against Endia…

— Ross Anti-National Taylor (@Pirate2_tweets) July 10, 2019

Hell yeah! Have you ever wondered how Kane Williamson would look on the seat of Prime Minister of Pakistan, No? Have a look!

Once A Legend Said
Main Inhen Rulaonga

— ALI. (@AliIsTweeting) July 10, 2019

Once, a wise man said that Do not nag Pakistani’s or do anything wrong to them otherwise you will regret it. Pakistani’s trolled the Indian cricket team so badly that the hashtag of trolling was trending on Twitter and other social media platforms. stay tunned for more latest cricket news

PM Imran Khan Emphasized On The Development Of Railway, At Sir Syed Express Launch Ceremony

On 3rd July, PM Imran Khan inaugurated Sir Syed Express on being invited by Minister Railway Sheikh Rasheed. He also spoke on the ceremony about the importance of development of railway and how far it has been a success. Lauding Sheikh Rasheed, PM Khan mentioned that he has brought down the railways deficit to 32 billion rupees from 36 billion. This is a huge achievement as it happened only in the matter of 9 months. 

PM Khan added that he was glad Sheikh Rasheed invited him for it as this train is going to benefit the poor. The previous government’s corruption which was led by PPP and PML (N) has ruined the state institutions. He said that they have left the country in a trap of debt where the poor only becomes poorer.

“We will not spare those who have looted and plundered the country,” said Khan. PM Also said that asset declaration scheme will benefit the country.

However, those who are currently denying all corruption charges on themselves return half of the money they looted from national exchequer it would save the country from the collapsing economy situation. Which in the first place is prevalent today because of them.

PM Imran Khan congratulates Sheikh Rasheed the Railway Minister of Pakistan expressing the hope that the betterment and profitability of Pakistan Railways will continue to prevail and will become a profitable institute.

Minister railway told the journalists at Expo center Lahore that all possible measures are being taken to ensure provision, modern, swift, comfortable and safe means of transport. He added that the on-going efforts In Pakistan Railway are underway to eradicate the deficit of PR within five years.

Rashid has managed to remove 36 kilometers of encroachments on Karachi circular Railways.

He further said that not a penny was spent on the development of railway track in Sindh in the government of former rulers.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed commitment towards facilitating the common people of Pakistan by laying down new railway track. He added that railway is the most mode of transportation for commoners. Also that civilized societies are always determined to improve the system of their railway.

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An MOU has been signed between the current government and China regarding ML-1 to upgrade the tracks of Pakistani railway. According to PM Khan the completion of ML-1, will bring huge investment towards Pakistan. It will also reduce the travel time to around 10 hours.

The Prime Minister says they have started the Ehsas programme with the same intent to serve the poor. The earmarked amount in the budget for this programme has been defined 200 billion rupees.

Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed offered reservation of 1,000 stalls across Pakistan at various railway stations for the beneficiaries of Ehsas programme. Imran Khan responded to this request saying that alottation of those stalls will be carried out through a transparent balloting targeting needy people.

Earlier in the ceremony, Minister Railway said during the last 9 months, 24 new trains have been started, and railway has earned five billion rupees more profit than before. He said that in coming 5 years total debt of Pakistan Railways will be ended.

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Blind Patriotism in Pakistan can be the Next Reason for Pakistan’s Downfall

Pakistan needs a boost, be it in our economy or our citizens, we need the boost! But what if our energy starts shifting in the pessimistic direction? The so-called patriotism in Pakistan is turning into ‘Blind Patriotism’.

It’s no mystery that we are ranked as the most patriotic region to grace Asia and that’s quite a huge deal.

That’s a great feat which we should celebrate because we can do anything for our nation. However, that has its consequences. What are we categorizing as anything? Is patriotism in Pakistan helping us or in return breaking our nation?

Here are a few points to ponder over and understand how becoming a victim of blind patriotism can eventually destroy our country as well as our reputation as citizens:

We Make Unnecessary Comparisons:

Whenever a horrific incident takes place in our country, obviously we are upset and bad-mouth the criminals but we get frustrated. That is normal. Considering that the citizens don’t wish for any crimes we should get frustrated with every inch of injustice.

However, in order to protect the ‘image’ of our country some of us actually start comparing it to different nations especially the ones bordering us.

Okay, so a woman got assaulted? Well, that happens on the daily in India!

What correlation does the two of them have? We shouldn’t be that anxious to safeguard our country as a safe-haven just to bring out out-of-blue comparisons.

Every nation has its fair share of crimes and our responsibility is to face the truth instead of concealing it. In the end, this method of protecting the image of our country is ultimately damaging because we barely do anything to stop the crimes. We seem too busy participating in ‘Pakistan isn’t like this, we are a hospitable nation with loving Your citizens come first, then your ‘hospitality’.

Our First Concern in Any Situation is ‘Don’t Portray Our Country Like That’:

To be very honest, we are already portrayed like devils in the American media. It’s a scheme and nothing new.

Yet, why are we constantly trying to prove ourselves to the western world? This idea of quickly defending our nation instead of admitting our mistakes will just make us fall in a deeper pit.


Countries that don’t require western validation and look for solutions for the loopholes in their nation are the ones making it big. This is the reason why Central Asia and East Asia have left us behind.

Examples of patriotism in Pakistan are like all talk and less action. It’s important to have foreign relations but this need to continuously prove ourselves as ‘good people’ and suddenly mentioning the positive qualities instead of the negative, is ignoring the actual crisis!

More so, social media activists suffer through death threats and hate comments when they mention anything slightly negative regarding the country.

It’s like we can’t even critique and evaluate how we can change our ways and become better as a nation! That is extremely toxic. In the end, it all boils down to being blind.

However, you should notice that not every Pakistani is participating in that!

Definitely, there are people that realize the wrong in such acts and condemn them.

It is important to root out people following blind patriotism so that the nation can progress without the hindrance of constantly trying to prove our worth.

We Just Want the Thrill Rather Than to Help:

It’s time to address the extra problematic part of the bunch: Our desire to die for our country but not change it.

Kuch karna bhi hai ya sirf marna hai!?

It’s true that none of us have a big and prominent enough platform to actually make a significant impact but are we even trying though?

Most of us just follow this rule of ‘if everyone is doing it, so can we’ and through that, there remains no difference in the ignorant and us.

Moreover, our nation has this obsession of going to war and sacrificing ourselves for the betterment of the country. This is a good cause and a symbol of patriotism in Islam as well but we are actually doing nothing to save the country while we are alive.

We are waiting for a war to strike so we can show how high the patriotism in Pakistan is but no one wants to thoroughly work for the comfort of the country.


This brings in the issue of pollution as well. Our country is gradually worsening in terms of environment and it’s no surprise that we will be engulfed with chemicals soon.

Instead of facing this crisis, we are stuck in an endless loop of blind patriotism. We still buy plastic, we barely have any recycling firms, our industries are still dumping waste into the waters, and our mindset still won’t strive to work for a better cause.

But if you need motivation, here is a wonderful example of how to use your platform to ignite for a change.

Can we talk about the low pay rates, street crime, poverty, lack of education, unsafe areas, etc? It is a mystery as to why we are still not trying to utilize our time and focus on these problems!

People from KPK and Balochistan have been fleeing their provinces to find better opportunities because there is no help here. This is a depressing thought and more than half the nation is oblivious to it.

If you feel making your own platform is difficult then join events or NGO’s organized by other bigger platforms. At least, this can ensure that you are contributing to the country.


We need to join forces and destroy the mindset of constantly trying to prove our worth to the world.

Our only concern should be our own citizens and their well-being. We should NEVER compromise them to uplift the image or position of the country. None of the people involved in the making of this country would be proud to see it today and this is something many of us can agree on.

Do you think this can be fixed? If so, how? Comment below your opinion regarding the state of the country and the responsibility of the citizens!

Pakistan’s Fight Against Polio Affected By Ignorance And Misinformation

As we know, Pakistan has been fighting against the disease for over a decade. However, we still encounter a new controversy about the anti-polio campaign every once in a while. Previously, these controversies were hard to propagate but now with such an outspread tool like social media, making something go viral is just a matter of few shares.

The False Rumors About The Polio Vaccination

There were some stories stirred up by some clerics that the polio vaccine campaign is part of Western plot to make Muslims sterile. How unbelievable can people be to make up such stories at the cost of lives of the future of our country?

Well the people have been feeling so vulnerable at the hands of West that they are willing to believe anything. Hence, believing the story puddled by clerics a resistance was observed in the people against the polio campaign.

Due to this false rumor, thousands of children were left unvaccinated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa against this paralyzing disease which could even lead to death. Only because their families were infused with the lie about the vaccine.

Anyhow, an inquiry was run to find out the origin of the rumor. It was found that two schools in Peshawar were responsible for the constant refusal of people to health workers against the vaccine.

No Action Taken After Arrests

The sad part is there were no actions taken to punish the culprits.

A man was also identified and arrested in the case of infusing misleading lies in the mind of people via a video where he was telling some children to pose unconscious after having the vaccine. This video had gone viral on the internet for days manipulating people with lies.

The arrest did not lead to any further actions as the man was spared after mild

16 more men were arrested in the allegation of threatening the vaccination team openly on the streets. However, these men were also left unpunished, setting no example for other people who are thinking of spreading a similar fallacy.

The militant groups are running errands and since 2012, uptil now they have killed around hundreds of health workers along with the guards meant to protect them. On their assumption that they might be spying on them on orders of West. Their suspicion traces back from the tactics used by US to trace Osama Bin Laden.

In the recent past, a medical worker and two policemen guarding the vaccination teams were shot dead at the hands of militants in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Awareness Campaigns By The Government

The government of Pakistan has been driving awareness campaigns of polio for people on every platform and level. The public somehow still tends to believe the false rumors instead of the message being conveyed to them by the government.

Even Muslim religious leaders are recruited to reassure people of the one true reason behind these polio vaccinations. But the suspicion of the public still not ready to go away.

Is it because of the lenient handling of the misinformation? Do we have any strategy to deal with these kind of situation in the future or are we just going to keep sacrificing more lives?

Polio Has Been Dealt With Globally Except Three Countries – One Of Three Is Pakistan

The global campaign against polio have been a success only 33 polio cases were reported in 2018. Unfortunate for us, mostly were from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Risk of polio’s spread doesn’t die until all the countries in the world are immune to it. Even if a single child grows up infected with it even the polio-free countries remain prone to it.

Pakistan has been striving against polio and has remained a relatively successful with every passing year. But we still remain on of the three countries – the other two are Nigeria and Afghanistan – where polio is still affecting children at full-strength.

In the current drive officials had to say that they succeeded in immunating 37.6 million children. 1.4 however, are still in a vulnerable state, walking unprotected.

The government is still responsible to save those left out 1.4 from the suffering and ill-fate.

Our fight is against the prevailing ignorance and putting a stop to the sources of misinformation that is jeopardising the system.

Precious lives of our health workers and policemen are at risk. Thousands of children are unprotected against the life-threatening disease. Government has to take a step forward in taking strict legal actions for the safety of Pakistan’s future.

The Stance Of PTI Government Against Polio

According to PTI-led government significant progress is being made in the eradication of polio from the country. They are positive that the country is shifting to a better place concerning the vaccination campaign as in the current 3-day polio drive there haven’t been any reported incident regaring threats to the lives of health workers and it was successfully started right on schedule.

“This is the first step in New Pakistan’s journey of change,” said Babar bin Atta, the Focal Person to Imran Khan.

PTI government is dedicatedly providing support to the Polio Eradication Initiative. As the programme is of national interest they are ensuring satisfactory conduct of the drive in secured environment, added Babar.

They are targeting to achieve their goal without making any arrests of the resisting parents. He urged media, religious organisations and civil societies to play their part in making it successful he said that they need to create awareness that the vaccine is safe.

Further explaining the strategy of PTI-government he said that it is decided that Youtube and Facebook will be reached out in a bid to take-off any video being used to spread anti-vaccine propaganda and misleading materials affecting the campaign.

Despite the challenges being faced in the polio eradication campaign, the government is doing all the efforts to stop virus transmission.

On the successful run of the campaign Babar expressed satisfaction and said that the campaign went well and positive results will be observed by the end of October.

He also claimed that, soon Pakistan would be declared as a polio-free country, he added.

What else should Pakistan do to make the campaigns successful? Leave a comment and let us know.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10, What Is Coming Our Way?

For all the samsung fans out there, the big news of the year is Samsung Galaxy Note 10. But so far the rumors haven’t been found very favorable. The fans though, stand loyal with the name that has stood-out years after years in the growing crowd of android phones.

Samsung has known to be playing safe in its features except for Galaxy Edge which was quite a risky experimental model with a certainly high price considering it was released 5 years ago. Recently however, we have discovered that there is an anticipated change in the game for the Galaxy series with their upcoming models of Note 10.

What Do We Know Uptil Now?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is currently the most controversial release of its series with the rumored features of 4 cameras, 5g and no buttons. Another thing happening for the first time in the series is that Samsung is told to be releasing more than two models of Note this very same year and this is more than just a rumor as it has been confirmed from some of the reliable sources.

The first Note was released in 2011 and ever since Samsung has only been releasing one model in a year but taking a time-out from its own trend, it’s coming at us with something more.

As reported by the ET News., there are four models of Note 10 planned to be released by Samsung. The models would include a standard Note 10, the other would be a larger Note 10 Pro, and two more would be released that would be a 5G variation of each.

The change is not absolutely new to Samsung as it has released four models of S10 which worked quite well, so there isn’t any harm doing the same with the Note series.

No doubt Samsung has its mind on really going big this year.

How BIG Are We Talking?

We are talking BIG in size and we are talking big in prize. The foretold screen size of the standard Note 10 is 6.28-inch and for Note 10 Pro it would be 6.75-inch which is largest among the other phones except huawei 20x which has even gone to 7.2 inch. For the samsung loyal users this is going to be a new experience considering that 6.75-inch is quite a big size as no other samsung phone has ever been this big. Adding the fact that Samsung has shrunken the bezel surrounding the screen and an infinity-O panel has been used for the Note 10.

Now talking about the prize, it is going to be higher than any phone ever reaching as high as $1500.

We don’t know which factor would weigh the other and would people actually be interested in buying it considering that Note 9 is still a pretty good phone to use in 2019. It’s too early to say anything but if you’re planning on buying it you’d need a lot of savings to spend on it.

DG ISPR Responds to Indian Media’s Aggression on Pakistan’s Internal Defense Budgeting Choice

Indian media like everytime has been twisting the facts leading people to believe that anything Pakistan’s Army does is going the wrong way in the line of order. But Pakistanis themselves have absolute trust on their defense forces because the forces have always managed to keep them safe and have stood upfront fearlessly on the borders even on the times of the year when all we want to do it be with our families.

On 5 June Major General Asif Ghafoor the spokesperson for Pakistan Army slammed Indian Media for spinning the facts of Pakistan’s internal defence budget.

Director General Inter Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) addresses in his tweet, “Indian fake media busy spinning on our internal defence budgeting choice.”

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He also warned India not to forget 27th feb 19, establishing that fact that they are the same forces with the same capability and capacity to retaliate. Adding that budget is not what makes their army and soldiers great rather it is the resolve & the nation’s trust and support that firmly stands besides them all time making them the best at their respective duties.

Director General of the Public Relations wing of the Armed forces reminded the world by his powerful message that the voluntary cut in the budget for national interest does not in any way take the determination of the soldiers away. Pakistan shall still remain one of the strongest defense force in the world.  This online News from Pakistan went quickly viral in the sub contenent.

Prior to DG ISPR’s tweet, Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa who celebrated eid on LoC also had a take on the matter saying that the voluntary cut in the defence budget for the coming financial year will not assert any impact on the potential of Pakistan army to respond to threat or in provision of a quality life for soldiers. Further adding that the decision of not granting incentives in only limited to the officers and not the soldiers. Hence, the shortfall will not impact any of the mentioned aspects. He also institutes the fact that the defence forces have not taken this action as any kind of favor, rather its their duty because they are one with the nation through thick and thin. Fawad Chaudhry, Minister for Science and Technology, also endorsed the tweet of DG ISPR by tweeting, that the India media acts like a pet to its establishment line and agencies by toeing them. Adding that they also earned themselves worldwide notoriety for promoting a war situation in the region

General Ghafoor also delivered the fact to the public that the voluntary cut was a much needed initiative for investing in the development projects in Balochistan and Tribal Areas. He ensured that the safety and security of the country will not be compromised because of the cuts.

Prime Minister Khan also appreciated the military’s initiative of “voluntary cuts” in spending of defence forces, in his tweet on Tuesday. He said in confirmation that the budget will be used by PTI government in developing merged tribal areas & Balochistan.

Narendra Modi Triumph A Bharat 2.0

This entire week’s news have actually been committed to Mr. Modi’s triumph that has actually been declared to be stupendous as a result of lots of factors. The one genuinely best factor is that he understands Indians to the core and also he provided every factor to elect him.

Coming close the political elections he began anti-Pakistan slogans which transformed really reasonable in his support. The fire in between the Pakistanis and also Indians began shedding truly brilliant. Pakistanis were enjoying heating their turn over that fire i.e making memes, while Indians were bursting in fires. So, one of the most awaited gossip after his win remains in this viral news.

The entire world consisting of the United States determined just how Narendra Modi began this fire just to profit his upcoming political election projects other than the Indians. So they assisted Modi in his secure touchdown in Bharat 2.0. Indians are proud to have Modi back in power and also these pleased hearts can not quit congratulating him on his win.